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Results for First DOMAINX No Reserve Live Domain Name Auction – 27 December, 2018

The results for the first DOMAINX No Reserve Live Domain Name Auction conducted on 27 December, 2018 are available now.

The No Reserve Live Auction is a volunteer initiative by DOMAINX community with NO COMMISSION/FEE charged to buyers/sellers. It was proudly hosted by our very own community leaders and members; Pankaj Vijayvargiya and Sharad Saxena!

9 domain names were selected for No Reserve Live Domain Name Auction by a panel of 5 veteran domain name experts from the Indian domain name investors community, after a rigorous voting and discussion process.

Auction results below:

Sold Price: $240
Winner: Pavan Kumar Tellakula
Seller: Simit Doshi

Sold Price: $300
Winner: Manu Gowdru
Seller: Chiranshu Monga 

Sold Price: $65
Winner: Navn Gupta
Seller: Ganesh Chaudhari 

Sold Price: $100
Winner: Ganesh Unnam
Seller: Vinesh Bhaskarla 

Sold Price: $140
Winner: Navn Gupta
Seller: Manmeet Pal Singh

Sold Price: $130
Winner: Govind Dhiman 
Seller: Vimal Popat

Sold Price: $50
Winner: Rakesh Kokirala
Seller: Shajeem 

Sold Price: $52
Winner: Hemant Tilotia
Seller: Abhishek Kumar Jha 

Sold Price: $670
Winner: Vikram Mahant 
Seller: Davinderpal Singh Bhatia

Want to sell your domain names in the next No Reserve Domain Name Auction? Please submit your domain names using DOMAINX’s Domain Auction Submissions page here.

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Should I Hand Register Domain Names Today?

Should I hand register domain names today as an investor?

The simple answer is yes, you CAN hand register domain names today! More detailed answer is that 99.99% of today’s domain name registrations are horrible and terrible.

Should I Hand Register Domain Names Today?

Majority of domain name investors are losing money with hand registered domain names in the hope of making that one jackpot of domain name sale in order to recover most of their investment. However, we also have certain section of domain name investors AKA domainers with a more streamlined and proven strategies who are minting money with hand registered domain names in a certain niche.

If I am hand-registering or acquiring (from aftermarket) a domain name today, It will normally be GEO+ComercialKeyword or an Emerging Future Technology related keywords in .COM extension (TLD).

I’ll also perform the following few steps in order to figure out whether the domain name in question has any worth, and stands a chance to be sold for profit at later date.

  1. English formation and commercial viability (market acceptability) should make sense for, in the keywords.
  2. My experience of 18 years in the domain name industry, and 12 years of selling domain names helps quite a bit in picking up some DECENT domain names. Please note; I have mentioned DECENT because my picks could either be good/bad, as no one (including me) is 100% sure of what domain names are going to sell in the market 🙂
  3. Perform Google Search to figure out your general audience for the keywords in the domain name.
  4. Google search again with inverted commas (“keyword”) to know and compile a list of your endusers for the keywords or niche of your domain name.
  5. Perform LinkedIN search to figure out how many companies or professional entities are using your keywords as their company name. This action helps substantiate your domain name registration or acquisition.

These are just some basic and initial steps which help in deciding whether I should hand register or acquire a domain name. If I’m still not sure, I’ll enhance my research with other social media and commercial platforms to be double sure of the possibilities.

Helpful Tip: Stay up to date on latest news, especially on emerging technology and products. There are endless opportunities to hand-register domains that will become valuable in the future (Example:,,,, etc). Try to combine popular or trending keywords, for example: (The Vape industry is a booming market, and brand names starting with “Magic” could get popular or use some other popular keyword).

Statutory Warning: Don’t expect to sell a hand-registered domain name after few days or months. If it was available for registration, there is a reason behind it! (hint: nobody else wanted it). You have to be patient and probably identify endusers for your hand registered domain name.

Happy Domaining!

Matt Blaze Sold

Matt Blaze has just sold domain name for an undisclosed amount to MCO Technology GmbH who operates Monaco, a crypto project engaged in developing a crypto debit card.

One of the most sought after domain names lately, was hand registered in 1993 by Matt Blaze, a professor of computer and information science at the University of Pennsylvania. Matt is also a board director of the Tor Project.

He had turned down all the offers and made a public announcement in January 2018 via Twitter that domain name was not available for sale.

Matt Blaze Sold

Within 6 months of making that public announcement on Twitter, Matt has probably accepted too-good-to-be-refused-offer from a Hong Kong-based company developing crypto project.

Everyone is speculating the price of be north of $10 million, however the new buyer and CEO of Monaco, Kris Marszalek politely declined to comment on the details. Kris was reported as saying, “If it was only about money Matt (would) have sold it a long time ago”.

Monaco raised crypto worth $25 million during their ICO, at that time, which wrapped up in June 2017. CEO Marszalek mentioned that the premium domain name has found right home with their firm holding almost $200 million on its balance sheet, huge thanks to a surge in the valuation of cryptocurrencies.

Crypto Debit Card

In a statement to Techncrunch, CEO of Monaco, Kris Marszalek stated, “This is a very powerful identity that we are taking on. It’s representative of the entire category so it comes with a huge responsibility on us to carry the torch. We don’t take it lightly and this is one of the things that I think we conveyed successfully, that, as a company, we do have a higher purpose”.

“Fundamentally, blockchain and crypto will enable [the next generation] to control their money, to control their data and to control their identity, these are the three fundamental things that weave the fabric of society. For us this is the purpose, we want to acceleration the world’s adoption of cryptocurrency,” he added.

Note: Sale price of was never revealed.

Current 5 Categories Trending in Domain Names

So the month of June is over and you are still trying to figure out hot niche or keywords to hand-register in the domain name industry, after six months have gone by in the year 2018?

You are at the right place, as we are about to release current 5 most trending categories in domain name registrations which could be somewhat helpful for you to make relevant future strategies accordingly and profitable, of course.

Current 5 Categories Trending in Domain Names

The domain name registrants across the globe have been registering, buying and selling domain names in the trending 5 categories listed below, for your reference, in no particular order.

Crypto, Blockchain & Bitcoin – Keyword domain names in the Crypto, Blockchain and Bitcoin niches have been hot and happening since last year (2017) and are still going strong. Not sure when the trend will slow or die down, however, make the most of it till it lasts in my opinion 🙂

eCommerce or Shopping – eCommerce or Shopping niche should be of no surprise to anyone as it has been one of the most happening category ever since Internet started taking shape. Companies like Amazon, Walmart, and many others around the world are proving the fact that product domain names in this niche are commercially viable and some of the most valuable.

Internet visitors looking for a particular product across the globe normally tends to type-in a <ProductNname>.com into a browser, generating traffic year-round for exact match Shopping and eCommerce domain names, making them all the more popular and valuable.

Sports Gambling or Sports Betting – Gambling has been an ever green niche in the Internet world, however with recent ruling of the US Supreme Court ( published news on may 14, 2018) sports gambling or sports betting federal laws are going to be struck down, making it easy for states to legalize betting on sports in the country.

In fact, the sports gambling or betting was so popular in month of May that keywords from the niche occupied 6 out of top 10 positions in Verisign’s Top 10 Trending Keyword list for .COM domains in May 2018.

Marijuana or Cannabis – With laws shaping up for legalization of Marijuana or Cannabis in various US states, domain names registrations and sales have been on the rise ever since rumors became rife last year about the legalizing of the recreational marijuana and dispensaries. Similar to crypto and sports betting, this niche has seen a steep rise in the domain names registered using Marijuana or Cannabis as a keyword.

Travel Tourism – With summer around the corner, it is the perfect time to hand-register, buy and sell travel or tourism related domain names. The reason why we are seeing an uptick in the niche.

What do you think about our research on current 5 categories trending in domain names? Did we miss any other hot keyword category? Do you see something other than the niches mentioned above trending as well? Please do not hesitate to share in the comments below.

Disclaimer: Please note that these popular niches were observed across various sales reports, domain name industry aftermarket platforms, at various registrars along with Verisign’s publicly available data for the .COM extension.

Nominate Domain Name Investor of the Year 2018

You have been in the domain name industry for a while and have seen someone make a significant impact to the overall business environment? Someone who has inspired you the most with his thought process, business strategies, domain name buy and sell skills, awareness activities, etc? Do you know someone from the domain name industry who qualifies and deserves to receive an appreciation along with an award?

DomainX 2018 Awards

Submit your nomination for DomainX™ 2018 Awards and give a change to 4 experienced professionals take home a well deserving recognition along with an award on 5th August 2018. Nominate those 4 deserving professionals separately for each one of the following categories listed below:

  1. Domain Name Investor of the year 2017-18: Domain Name Investor of the year award recognizes the awardee for their seasoned success, reputation & skills that make them a savvy & successful domain name investor.
  2. Domain Name Power Portfolio of the year 2017-18: Domain Name Power Portfolio rewards the domain name investor who blends high-quality names with quantitatively large investments into a diversified domain name portfolio.
  3. Domain Name Rising Star of the year 2017-18: Domain Name Rising Star award is for the domain name investor whose approach, attitude & results show immense promise & potential in the early stages of their domain name investing journey.
  4. .IN Domain Name Evangelist of the year 2017-18: .IN Domain Name Evangelist award has been instituted to acknowledge the domain name investor who promotes the adoption of our very own ccTLD and contributes to the community around the .IN ccTLD

DomainX™ 2018 Awards in association with Domain Name Owners Association of India™ have started accepting nominations for their annual India domain name conference scheduled for 4th and 5th August at Hotel Shangri La, New Delhi.

Please visit DomainX™ website to register a FREE PASS at or submit nominations here: