So the month of June is over and you are still trying to figure out hot niche or keywords to hand-register in the domain name industry, after six months have gone by in the year 2018?

You are at the right place, as we are about to release current 5 most trending categories in domain name registrations which could be somewhat helpful for you to make relevant future strategies accordingly and profitable, of course.

Current 5 Categories Trending in Domain Names

The domain name registrants across the globe have been registering, buying and selling domain names in the trending 5 categories listed below, for your reference, in no particular order.

Crypto, Blockchain & Bitcoin – Keyword domain names in the Crypto, Blockchain and Bitcoin niches have been hot and happening since last year (2017) and are still going strong. Not sure when the trend will slow or die down, however, make the most of it till it lasts in my opinion 🙂

eCommerce or Shopping – eCommerce or Shopping niche should be of no surprise to anyone as it has been one of the most happening category ever since Internet started taking shape. Companies like Amazon, Walmart, and many others around the world are proving the fact that product domain names in this niche are commercially viable and some of the most valuable.

Internet visitors looking for a particular product across the globe normally tends to type-in a <ProductNname>.com into a browser, generating traffic year-round for exact match Shopping and eCommerce domain names, making them all the more popular and valuable.

Sports Gambling or Sports Betting – Gambling has been an ever green niche in the Internet world, however with recent ruling of the US Supreme Court ( published news on may 14, 2018) sports gambling or sports betting federal laws are going to be struck down, making it easy for states to legalize betting on sports in the country.

In fact, the sports gambling or betting was so popular in month of May that keywords from the niche occupied 6 out of top 10 positions in Verisign’s Top 10 Trending Keyword list for .COM domains in May 2018.

Marijuana or Cannabis – With laws shaping up for legalization of Marijuana or Cannabis in various US states, domain names registrations and sales have been on the rise ever since rumors became rife last year about the legalizing of the recreational marijuana and dispensaries. Similar to crypto and sports betting, this niche has seen a steep rise in the domain names registered using Marijuana or Cannabis as a keyword.

Travel Tourism – With summer around the corner, it is the perfect time to hand-register, buy and sell travel or tourism related domain names. The reason why we are seeing an uptick in the niche.

What do you think about our research on current 5 categories trending in domain names? Did we miss any other hot keyword category? Do you see something other than the niches mentioned above trending as well? Please do not hesitate to share in the comments below.

Disclaimer: Please note that these popular niches were observed across various sales reports, domain name industry aftermarket platforms, at various registrars along with Verisign’s publicly available data for the .COM extension.

  1. Cannabis is hot, we have considered making GreenJobs,com into a jobs board for the cannabis industry.

    • That one has always been hot, however above 5 categories of domain names were hot as per buying and selling trends 🙂

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