Rob Monster – Founder and CEO of Epik Holdings Inc. announced the acquisition of domain name marketplace for * Million Euros (Acquisition price removed as per request) by his company.

Domain Name Marketplace Goes to Epik

The acquisition of will help Epik Holdings Inc. scale the domain name marketplace segment further while accelerating the growth of Epik’s various brands, across the globe.

Rob Monster, CEO and founder of Epik Holdings Inc. stated, “We have spent the past 5 years developing and operating an integrated set of solutions to help domain investors navigate the life-cycle of their domain investments. With this acquisition, we add another company with potential for hyper-growth. This acquisition has all of the things that I look for in a deal: great leadership, differentiated technology, and complementary locality. The expanded presence in Amsterdam will significantly increase our capacity to deliver to customers in Europe, Middle-East and Africa, the type of Legendary Support and customer-centric innovation that our customers have come to expect from us”.

While domain name marketplace will operate with the present management team, as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Epik Holdings, their customers will be able to seamlessly integrate and use the services through unified sign-on that already powers Epik’s existing services.

Epik Holdings Inc Founder and CEO Rob Monster (left) and Undeveloped Founder and CEO Reza Sardeha (right)

Reza Sardeha, founder and CEO of seemed equally excited about the acquisition of by Epik Holdings Inc. and stated, “My team and I are delighted to be part of a rapidly growing company led by a visionary CEO who I have enjoyed getting to know over the past year. By combining Epik’s reputation, market knowledge, worldwide presence, and complementary technology, we expect to be able to create an even more appealing solution for our customers. A vastly improved Undeveloped marketplace will accelerate the progress of more development-grade domains into becoming thriving Digital Brands used in commerce. All things considered, we could not have asked for a more worthy or more capable partner at this exciting time in the history of the Internet”.

Rob Monster is also a senior member of domain name forum where he made another statement about the acquisition:

As for the news itself, obviously we are all very excited about the addition of Undeveloped to the Epik family. It represents a big step forward on several fronts:

Leadership: People know that I run a tight ship at Epik. Undeveloped brings several additional world-class entrepreneurial leaders, starting with Reza.
Technology: Undeveloped has a modern user interface built in the latest technologies, running in the Amazon AWS cloud. Their auction system is outstanding, and their marketplace is a good as any other.
Locality: From Amsterdam, we will be able to better serve the other half of the world in a lot more languages with better time zone coverage with talented, tech-savvy people.

In the upcoming weeks, you will begin to see the evidence of accelerated pace of innovation as Epik positions itself as a world contender through a combination of organic development, strategic partnerships and acquisitions.

We wish Rob Monster & Epik Holdings Inc. best of everything in domain name business and lot more success with future growth.


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