Should I hand register domain names today as an investor?

The simple answer is yes, you CAN hand register domain names today! More detailed answer is that 99.99% of today’s domain name registrations are horrible and terrible.

Should I Hand Register Domain Names Today?

Majority of domain name investors are losing money with hand registered domain names in the hope of making that one jackpot of domain name sale in order to recover most of their investment. However, we also have certain section of domain name investors AKA domainers with a more streamlined and proven strategies who are minting money with hand registered domain names in a certain niche.

If I am hand-registering or acquiring (from aftermarket) a domain name today, It will normally be GEO+ComercialKeyword or an Emerging Future Technology related keywords in .COM extension (TLD).

I’ll also perform the following few steps in order to figure out whether the domain name in question has any worth, and stands a chance to be sold for profit at later date.

  1. English formation and commercial viability (market acceptability) should make sense for, in the keywords.
  2. My experience of 18 years in the domain name industry, and 12 years of selling domain names helps quite a bit in picking up some DECENT domain names. Please note; I have mentioned DECENT because my picks could either be good/bad, as no one (including me) is 100% sure of what domain names are going to sell in the market 🙂
  3. Perform Google Search to figure out your general audience for the keywords in the domain name.
  4. Google search again with inverted commas (“keyword”) to know and compile a list of your endusers for the keywords or niche of your domain name.
  5. Perform LinkedIN search to figure out how many companies or professional entities are using your keywords as their company name. This action helps substantiate your domain name registration or acquisition.

These are just some basic and initial steps which help in deciding whether I should hand register or acquire a domain name. If I’m still not sure, I’ll enhance my research with other social media and commercial platforms to be double sure of the possibilities.

Helpful Tip: Stay up to date on latest news, especially on emerging technology and products. There are endless opportunities to hand-register domains that will become valuable in the future (Example:,,,, etc). Try to combine popular or trending keywords, for example: (The Vape industry is a booming market, and brand names starting with “Magic” could get popular or use some other popular keyword).

Statutory Warning: Don’t expect to sell a hand-registered domain name after few days or months. If it was available for registration, there is a reason behind it! (hint: nobody else wanted it). You have to be patient and probably identify endusers for your hand registered domain name.

Happy Domaining!


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