You want to learn HOW TO MAKE MONEY FROM DOMAIN NAMES? I am going to be straight to the point here without marketing BS!
How to Make Money from Domain Names?
First up, STOP following people around you, of course includes me and anyone else for that matter. Everyone in the domain name industry has something going for them, but that doesn’t mean the same thing would work for you as well.
If you want things going right for you, please sit down to read about the domain names, the industry trends, enduser behavior, why they bought a particular domain name, at what price, why that price and everything else that follows. Every profession requires ample time and research before one starts profiting from it.
You need to find your way, your niche, your industry, and work accordingly to make those domain name sales happen over-night. We (domain name investors) been doing this for years, 17th year for me to be precise, and collected these virtual properties over the years working sleepless nights, without partying it up, without spending time with family and friends, giving up on our weekends to find those gem of available domain names which we are selling these days, one after the other.
I am not saying, and never said that you cannot make this happen today, yes you can, but you definitely need to infuse in a lot of time to do things right, read and research right to be able to hit the jackpot.
Go over this thread at NamePros, the domain name forum beautifully managed by Eric Lyon from where most of us have learned our domain name game.
This thread is about a hand registered domain name sold by a new domain name investor who started out in January 2017 and made his very first domain name sale within a week by outbound marketing. He has shared the complete process on how to do outbound email marketing and nothing could go wrong there unless the buyer enduser isn’t interested at all, or your domain name is literally NOT WORTH it.

Please do not forget to share your thoughts about this inspiration on how to make money from domain names.
  1. Personally, I think that one of the big pitfalls for newer investors is how they research. As you pointed out, they should be doing their research into the niche they want to invest in and not just following blindly or mimicking what someone else does. As we all know, what works for one person generally doesn’t work for everyone.

    To toss a bigger wrench into the mix, lot’s of newer investors tend to try and follow multiple people at the same time. Without knowing what to look for yet, this can preverbally shoot them self in the foot. Now you have 20 to 50 different techniques, opinions, and strategies all being crammed together. It’s like taking 50 jigsaw puzzles and expecting all the pieces to fit together. They don’t.

    Let’s not forget that there is also a lot of misinformation out there in articles that lead newer investors down the wrong paths.

    P.S. Thanks for the shout out!

    • Thanks Eric for the comment.

      Couldn’t have said any better. People (new and old domain investors) follow money that comes from the domain name sale rather than understanding the efforts put behind in making that sale happen.

  2. Great motivational article for young domains. I made $15,000 in my first-year domain investing last 2016 and I am now after my first 6 figure sale. It is all in the research of the LTS and Google Trends… what companies are looking for. One word are most valuable or 3 letters .com domains. But rest assured TLD’s are proving to be the best names for SEO and top PR (Page Ranking).

    • Thank you Sebastien Staub for your valuable inputs and highlighting the importance of “research” in finding the right domain name.

  3. In my first year of full time domaining, in lack of a better plan, I did everything.
    So, I invested in new TLDs, I invested in $1 promos and expired auctions. Brandables, keywords everything.

    But, now I have settled for one strategy. Acquire quality .coms in a particular budget range. Remain strict for that particular quality criteria and for that budget range. You will lose more auctions than you win. But you have to do hardwork somewhere, so if you do that work in buying, you wont have to do that much work in selling.

    • Mishra ji, very aptly put and something all the new comers should keep as a sticky note in front of their computers/laptops etc so that they dont lose their hard earned money by investing in useless domain names.

      More power and success to you!

  4. Well, you are the first person in my life who has introduced me to this industry. I have been following you on Facebook and that’s how I got to know about you and your work. I am so fortunate that we connected on Facebook and that was the moment when I got to know that there is something called domain name investing.

    Thanks for the live sessions as well.

    • Dear Rajat, I’m humbled and appreciative for all the kind words above.

      Hope you read, research and learn more about the domain name industry in right spirits to get return on your investments in the domain names.

      More power to you!

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