You’re determined to start an online website and don’t know how to pick right domain name for your website.

You’ve done your homework on your online website, drafted a project plan and aware of target audience. You have gone to an extent of drafting a list of blog post ideas which will keep your website up-to-date with fresh content.

Everything is waiting for you to get started, however there is one thing holding you back, standing right between you and your online website. You do not have the right domain name!

All of a sudden, you are stuck with choosing a domain name and starting your online website project feels like an intimidating, uphill task.

You don’t know how to pick right domain name for your website and some 329 million names are already registered globally. Forget how to choose the right domain name for now and try to figure out whether to go with .com, .org, .in, .life, .online, .club, or .domains or .site options. Yes, there are extensions like .domains, .site and .online which exist with hundreds of other generic top-level domains (gTLDs) for you to make a right choice for your website.

How to Pick Right Domain Name for your Website?

Don’t stress out. We are here with some very good to know information, to help you get started and pick right domain name for your website. Read on…

Brand Well, or Brand Right!

Why do you need a domain name? Why are you starting a website? What’s the core motive behind building a brand?

If you are making a website for personal use, domain name will be your personal brand to showcase the world everything about you and if website is for business, domain name will be part of your business brand. To pick right domain name, you should give yourself enough time to brainstorm over the purpose of the website, the feelings behind it, information it’ll share and values it’ll communicate to the audience. You can use keywords related to your personal or business branding in a domain name. Keep in mind that keywords used should be directly relevant to your website (for example; or else there is no use whatsoever, until and unless it’s a made-up brand-able word (for example;

Keyword rich domain names with relevant content help your website gain better placement in search engine results page. confirms having relevant keywords in a domain name is beneficial.

Shorter the Better

Short domain name for a website is the key to building a memorable brand online. Shorter is easy to memorize, type into Internet browser and share with the global audience. Since most consumers browse Internet on smartphones these days, it’s become much more imperative as short domain names are easy to type and clearly visible on small screens.

Radio Test?

Your domain name should be able to pass the “Radio Test”! In simple English, audience listening should be able to spell and remember your domain name, if you say it out loud, over the phone, radio or TV. This is quite important and essential for website’s online branding.

Legacy, ccTLDs or New TLDs?

It’s a time consuming task, however you’d be the best judge of what fits the bill/business, whether your website needs a legacy Generic TLDs or better known as gTLDs (.com, .net, .org, .info, .edu, .gov, .mil, etc.), Country  Code Top level Domains or better known as ccTLDs (country specific, for India it is .in,,, etc.) or New Generic TLDs or better known as ngTLDs (.life, .online, .club, .domains, .site, etc.). There are many hundreds of NEW Generic Top Level Domains (ngTLDs) to help you make a right choice for your website.

As per Wikipedia: The initial set of generic top-level domains, defined by RFC 920 in October 1984, was a set of “general purpose domains”: com, edu, gov, mil, org. The net domain was added with the first implementation of these domains. The com, net, and org TLDs, despite their originally-specific goals, are now open to use for any purpose.

Though .com still outnumber ngTLDs by a huge margin since it was introduced way back in the year 1984, there are hundreds of new global top level domain name options available today that arriving at a choice can be daunting. Go with .com if it’s available, due to trust factor among internet audience. If your personal or business website consist of 2 or more words, you can be little creative and enhance your branding using ngTLD extension on right of the dot to complete your website name. For example; to build a successful brand, a company named “DomainX Events” should have both www.Domainx.Events and domain names. A marketing guru can either use or www.Marketing.Guru as their website domain name as well.

Secure Your Brand Name

For better and exclusive website branding, you should consider acquiring all the variants of your “brand name” and redirect to the website which will further help avoid confusion among your online audience.

Your audience will be yours whether they type your brand name with or without an alphabet. Of course, this will cost you little bit extra, however will also ensure that your online visitors will reach your website only. For example; domain name lands at while reaches website.

Social Media Presence

While trying to figure out how to pick right domain name for your website, try to secure matching social media handles in order to complete branding and use them in tandem for much better and professional approach.

Avoid Legal Trouble

Do not get into trouble by registering a domain name which could be an exact match or confusingly similar to a popular and household brand name. You can read about Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s brand management company filing a legal case with WIPO to secure domain name. Perform some research online using Google Search or Trademark Database (Local or Global) to check whether any other company is already using the exact same name you are going to use as your domain name. Adjust accordingly!

Seek Help

If you have the budget and pocket permits, seek help from a domain name consultant or a branding company who can guide you every step of the process.

Think about it, take your time and get cracking. You do not want to hit a snag in the beginning, learn how to pick right domain name for your website. Feel free to ask questions in the comments section below.


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