Someone asked me, “I had a couple of domains names but have no idea how to sell them or find the target buyer. Any help? The domain names are; and”

I couldn’t help but shake my head in disappointment because mind you, I get asked about this, at least half a dozen times, each passing day. People are never inclined towards putting an effort to read about the topic in question and research further, and are always looking for short-cut to the direct answers on the Internet. So I sat down to write a detailed post about how to get cracking, and sell your domain names?

I will be using and/or domain names as an example in this context. Let’s get started;

First and foremost, the meaning of term BHK is Bedroom, Hall and Kitchen, which is popularly used in real estate sector in India (not sure of other county markets, but I’m sure it isn’t used “much” in North American region).

The domain names in question above might be worth “anything” to a Real Estate Developers, Agencies, Firms or Companies who particularly (stretching the use-case) deal in 3 BHK flats, apartments, houses, homes, etc.

Normally, Real Estate companies use their own, self carved out brand names instead of specific keywords. For example:,,,,,, etc..

Okay so moving further-on, larger real estate companies and developer groups in a specific region where “BHK” is more popular, might be interested in using your exact match keyword domain names “3 BHK Homes”, “3 BHK Flats”, “3 BHK Apartments”, etc.. for mere branding purpose which suggests us that it’s “NOT A MUST HAVE” keyword specific domain name for them.

One important thing to note here is that since “its not a must have domain name”, they may never pay a (huge) premium price for your domain name. But having said that, they might pay at least something, if and only if their branding or marketing company suggests them to go for it.

To verify above mentioned and to further make sure that this is how it is, we can quickly perform Google Search in two ways using your domain keywords:

1. Perform a Google search with “3 BHK Homes” (use inverted commas in your search query) to get exact match results. this will help
2. Perform a Google search with inurl:3bhkhomes to see how many URLs have the keyword “3bhkhomes” in their domain names.

The results from these 2 searches will help you figure out whether your keywords make sense for the world out there and whether they are using your keywords in their domain names or not.

If you are able to find at least 3-5 prominent (exact match) search results, more the better though, you should know that you are on the right track and your keyword rich domain names could sell. With this, you will know that there are at least some entities out there who might be interested in a better domain name, which might be yours!

These are few ways to find potential buyers/endusers for your domain names. There are few more ways to validate your keywords in a domain name and I will discuss about them now.

3. To further validate your keywords in a domain name and potential buyers for it. Head over to to find whether primary keyword(s) in your domain name have sold well, earlier, at a premium price, at least over and above $500. Perform a search (using adequate filters) over at NameBio to extract relevant sales data and study those sales in depth to understand whether it was an enduser sale or just another domain investor acquisition. This shall further help you put money on right domain names and keywords.

Tip: is a domain name sales database, where you can search historical domain name sales, containing more than $1 billion in sales. You can research domain name values and prices with comparable sales..

4. I also use DotDB to search for all registered domain names in the world with my specific keywords (of my domain name), including various TLDs, New gTLDs , ccTLDs, IDNs, etc. This helps me compile more data of potential buyers or endusers while understanding the popularity of keywords of my domain names.

5. You can also use dozens of social platforms, such as LinkedIN, YellowPages, Yelp, Google Business, BBB, etc.. to find end users for your domain names by performing search on these platforms.
Here is a list of some of the ever-most popular platforms:

If you have suggestions to improve or enhance the above mentioned domain name sales process, please leave a comment and lets discuss this further 🙂

Hope this helps you sell domain names!

  1. Thanks for the article Manmeet.

    Please post about how to reach out to the potential buyers once you find them.

    • Thank you for the comment Sharad.

      Reaching out to potential buyers after compiling an idle list is a whole topic in itself and I shall try to publish something on that front in next few weeks.

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