It’s been a while since I last published an article here and it was about ICANN59 Alumni Fellows Program Experience which was a Policy Forum in Johannesburg, South Africa from 26th to 29th June 2017.

ICANN60, Abu Dhabi

I just got back home after participating in ICANN60, Abu Dhabi as a volunteer at the ICANN Information Booth. I attended ICANN60 in my personal capacity, at my own expense in order to try and give back to the ever-so-growing and evolving community.

The experience was overwhelming while full of learnings, knowledge absorbing and sharing at the same time as usual. Met some Internet Governance sector pioneers from around the world, networked and built some life-long connections. Participation was worth it, every penny of it!

The ICANN59 alumni fellows program experience article contains five main segments:

  • Introduction to ICANN
  • ICANN60 Participation & Activities
  • ICANN60 in Numbers
  • ICANN60 Learnings

I have mentioned “The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers” and “ICANN” quite a few times already and I am sure, half of you would be wondering about the organization and its mission. So without further ado, let me explain in detail about the participation & activities starting with an introduction to the ICANN and its Fellowship program.

Introduction to ICANN

For those who are not aware of ICANN and what it does, here is a short excerpt from Wikipedia:

ICANN LogoThe Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is a nonprofit organization that is responsible for coordinating the maintenance and procedures of several databases related to the namespaces (domain names) of the Internet, ensuring the network’s stable and secure operation.

ICANN was founded on September 18, 1998 by Jon Postel; about 18 years ago and incorporated on September 30, 1998 in the U.S. state of California under Esther Dyson as founding chairwoman. ICANN operates and lives by the slogan, “One World. One Internet.” The current key positions are held by Göran Marby (CEO and President, ICANN) and Steve Crocker (Chairman of the ICANN Board). It is headquartered in the Playa Vista neighborhood of Los Angeles.

ICANN Community Multistakeholder Model

ICANN’s primary principles of operation have been described as helping preserve the operational stability of the Internet; to promote competition; to achieve broad representation of the global Internet community; and to develop policies appropriate to its mission through bottom-up, consensus-based processes.

ICANN60 Participation & Activities

Participation and activities here..

ICANN60 in Numbers

  • There were over 325 public sessions at ICANN60.
  • Steve Crocker received 2017 Leadership Award.
  • It was very 1st ICANN meeting in the Gulf Region.
  • Over 1909 participants attended ICANN60.
  • There were over 5620 tweets on Twitter about ICANN60 using the #ICANN60.
  • 670 photos taken during ICANN60 were posted on Flickr which were viewed about 193,510+ times.
  • There were about 704 newcomers (first-time participants) this time around at ICANN60.
  • Over 1290 unique visitors logged in to ICANN60 mobile app.
  • There were 63 Alumni Fellows, 15 NextGen Members and 5 NextGen Ambassadors who participated at ICANN60.

ICANN60 in Numbers

ICANN60 Learnings

ICANN60, Abu Dhabi was a rock solid annual general meeting organized by the ICANN Meetings team and hosted by Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) of United Arab Emirates (UAE).

An incomplete article, being updated!


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