Paul Stahura steps down as the Chief Executive Officer of Donuts Inc. to make way for someone to take company to next level of growth, with different set of skills.

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It’s under Paul’s leadership, Donuts Inc. grew and rose to handle 198 extensions with more than 2 million domain name registrations and over $100 million in registration fees. He was leading world’s largest nGTLD registry (with extensions like .media, .photography, .life, etc.) since the year 2010.

But wait a minute, what about replacement? Yes, there is nothing to panic, company announced Bruce Jaffe as the new Chief Executive Officer of Donuts Inc. while Paul, also the co-founder, will continue to serve in a full-time role as Executive Chairman of Donuts’ board of directors. With growing business, company felt there should be someone dedicated taking care of the revenues and announced the appointment of John Pollard to the position of chief revenue officer.

This is what Paul Stahura had to say about the change through his Facebook status:

Paul Stahura of Donuts Inc.I’m very much looking forward to my new role as Executive Chairman of Donuts and to helping (full-time) Bruce, our new CEO, and the company in anyway I can and in anyway that Bruce would like. Bruce, who has been on our board for over a year, will be great – fantastic – (much better than me) in taking the company I helped startup to the next level! (And this roll switcharoo, that I fully endorsed and support, is a bit overdue too!)

I had the opportunity to meet Donuts Inc. team and discuss domain names with Paul Stahura, Dan Schindler, Anand Vora and others at ICANN57, Hyderabad in November, 2016 where the experience was quite pleasant and overwhelming.

We wish Paul and Bruce the best in their new roles, and it’ll be interesting to see how Donuts Inc. fair under the new CEO.


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