Latest Update: We have now rejected $3500 & $9000 confirmed offers from a buyer based out Mumbai, India

Politely Rejected $200 opening offer on domain name. We have received multiple offers from across the world, on this one with highest so far at $1000 from Bangalore.

Politely Rejected $200 Offer on Learning’sPod (vehicle), a proposed Ultra personal rapid transit system. Pod vehicles have been proposed all around the world by respective governments in order to make for an efficient public transport system. Hence “POD TAXI” keywords combined together fits the bill perfectly and various companies would love to acquire the exact match keyword.

I went ahead to hand register domain name in the year 2010 after reading a news article about the concept which means you should stay abreast with the latest news, topics, and trends in the market in order to grab the right domain name for domain name investing.


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