Here are some tips to sell domain names through outreach and email marketing.

Sell Domain Names

Please note that you may have to explore what point would work for which situation that you have in front of you. This is called trying and testing to gain experience!

From expert experience, days of the week do not matter. If a person (potential buyer) is interested in an opportunity to secure a domain name they have the slightest interest in, they will reply to your outreach email otherwise, they won’t!

PRO-TIP: Make sure the domain name is in the subject line.

Holidays or weekends are great to catch key decision makers when they are not getting bombarded with sales and spam emails. A weekend is a time when there is the least flow of emails. As an experienced professional, I tend to peep into my inbox every now and then to see whether there is an important email awaiting my attention.

PRO-TIP: Also weekends are good days to email CEO of companies. They work almost every day, that is why they are the boss!

Find out the time zone of a potential end-user in order to send him/her an email to arrange or request a phone call. Multiple attempts in a day would get your email a definite attention, though could land you in spam box as well if it’s not relevant to the recipient’s interest.

Do thorough research on the business or potential buyer to make sure they are interested or would have some interest with enough capital in the bank to acquire your asset (read “domain name” here)

If you are unable to find the right contact in a company for your domain name which you are looking at selling, seek help from someone within the company to point you in the right direction. Usually, IT manager or someone from marketing team is the people you want to get in front of rather than CEOs or CFOs!

If you are doing everything right and still no luck in getting to the right person, ask around kindly and someone within your professional circle would chime in to help point you in the right direction. #Networking helps!

Email the WHOIS of a domain name to start discussions or find contact information via the website or social media. LinkedIn email, Twitter, Facebook fan page, LinkedIn InMail etc are a good way to start.

Explain and educate your potential buyer about various Escrow services for the secure transaction in order to build confidence.

Try to contact more than one prospect per domain name to secure a sale.

PRO-PRO-TIP: Type your domain name and/keywords into Google and contact the first page results and contact page two of Google results as they want to be on page 1 for the keywords in the domain name you have.

Hope this helps! Have questions? Please attend DomainX 2017 Conference, New Delhi on 5th & 6th August to get answers and learn from experts like Ali Zandi, Troy Rushton, Amrendra Mishra and others who have been selling domain names every day through outreach!


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