Tips for New Domainers - Domain Name Investors
If you are just starting out in the domain name industry, I’ve managed to write down some important points to follow in order to do well. I’ve had multiple requests since my yesterday’s Facebook status post, so here we go:
1. Stick to .com extension for quick ROI (return on investment) until you have figured it out.- Other extensions (including New gTLDs) sell as well, however, you may have to spend some time reading, learning and trying to figure that out.
2. Thorough research required before buying or hand registering a domain name – There are hundred’s of opportunities around in the form of future-tech, current trends, expired/dropping keyword domain names etc eyeing your hard earned money, pick and choose wisely. Make sure of looking into each domain name, research well, and think why an end-user company would ever want to use your domain name as part of its brand.
3. Keep a close-watch and manage your cash flow – Domain Name Investing (business) is definitely not a stable full-time source of income. A recent poll conducted by showed that 52% of domain name investors made a loss, merely broke even or earned below $1000 in the year 2017. Regular cash-flow is a must in order to sustain the domain name industry.
If you are well-researched about your domain names, renewal bill next year won’t be too heavy and you will get cracking with some decent domain name sales. Happy Domaining!
  1. Sooraj Kumar R

    Hi Manmeet,

    I’m a total newbie in this space. However, I plan to invest $1,000 every year in buying/renewing domains. Should I buy fresh domains or would you recommend buying some existing ones? But what are the odds that I’ll get anything good (in existing domains) for under $1,000 that I can sell for a higher price within a year?


    • Hi Sooraj, I suggest you start by reading my ebook from DomainInsider and become a member at which is world’s largest domain name forum. Please read for at least 2-3 months about what sort of domain names sells and what is currently selling in the market in order to figure out a right strategy for you. Good luck!

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