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So you have been looking for top 5 domain name brokers in 2016 and didn’t know who to reach out to sell those utterly-premium website names?

Top 5 Domain Name Brokers in 2016

Here is a list of domain name brokers, some quite well known in the industry, well-recognized and interviewed many a times where as some are not too-well-known to many out there. We have tried to list a brief introduction of each broker as well in order to determine which domain name broker you think is competent, brilliant and one you would probably like to work with for your valuable domain names.

Also these are the top 5 domain name brokers recognized as the “Masters of Domains” and awarded at NamesCon, arguably the largest domain name event in the world, on Monday 23rd January 2017. They are some of the highest grossing brokers of the preceding year with millions of dollars in individual domain name deals.

Without wasting any time, here is your list of top 5 domain name brokers in 2016:

  • George Hong – Founder & CEO, Guta Inc.
    George Hong of Guta.comGeorge Hong is the founder and CEO of Guta Inc. which is one of the most successful domain name brokerage company in China today.
    He has set a benchmark for the industry by brokering some of the best short domain name deals and by bringing-in top dollars. His brokerage firm has been a key connection between eastern and western domain name world.
  • Andrew Rosener – CEO, Media Options
    Andrew Rosener of Mediaoptions.comAndrew Rosener is the CEO of Media Options, one of the best domain name brokerage firm in world and is based out of Cayman Islands. Andrew is known as the master of brandable domain names, while Media Options is known for selling high ticket domain names. The enormous experience, massive talent and forecast of industry trends makes Media Options as a desired brokerage company to work with for next domain name acquisition/sale.
  • Giuseppe Graziano – CEO, GGRG Brokerage
    Giuseppe Graziano of GGRG.comGiuseppe Graziano is the founder and CEO of GGRG Brokerage, a domain name consulting and brokerage firm. Through his vast experience and expertise in the industry, Giuseppe has been instrumental in closing high value ticket domain name deals for for, PokerStars and Barracuda Networks. He happens to be fluent in 5 languages of the world.
  • Muhammad Al-Asadi – Co-Founder & CEO, Top Names
    Muhammad Al-Asadi of TopNames.comMuhammad Al-Asadi is the Co-Founder and CEO of TopNames, a subsidiary company of Construction Publications, Inc. based out of the US. He has an extensive knowledge in coding, software development and designing which adds to his expertise of brokering domain names. Muhammad is involved iwth over half a dozen domain name companies under their parent company.
  • Ryan McKegney – COO, Domain Agents
    Ryan Mckegney of DomainAgents.comRyan McKegney is the COO of DomainAgents, a domain name negotiation platform and marketplace. Under the leadership of Ryan, the DomainAgents have been consistently positioned as one of the highly sought after brokerage teams to evaluate new opportunities and continuously grow in the domain name industry.

The above list of top 5 domain name brokers in 2016 is sourced through deals completed at platform only in our opinion.

Last but not least, this is an informational purpose write-up and please perform your due-diligence before working with any of the above mentioned professionals or signing any sort of agreements with them or their brokerage firms.


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